November 20, 2018 | Katy Ryan
If you’re looking for a new home, these are some great features to keep in mind.

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Home features are something that first-time homebuyers may not think about, but after a few moves, homeowners find out exactly what they require in a home. Today we’ll be looking at five great features homebuyers should look at when searching for a new place to live:

1. Kitchen features. The kitchen is the heart of the home and where people tend to gather together. You want one that is open to other rooms so you and your guests aren’t cooped up in a closed-off space. Pantry and cabinet space is important and islands are great for gatherings. Your time spent in the kitchen will also be more enjoyable with good countertops, appliances, and lighting.

2. A drop zone. Whether you’re a single individual or a family of six (or more), having a designated space for on-the-go belongings is a great feature to have. Whether it’s built into your garage or an area in the laundry room, you’ll find it to be very handy in day-to-day life.

3. A master bathroom.
For those with the families of six, a luxurious master bathroom is a nice place to retreat to. Think of a soaker tub, marble or granite finishing, upgraded tile, and if nothing else, a good shower.

4. A home office. With more people able to work from home these days, a home office is great for keeping a work environment in the house. It’s good to have the home office in a convenient area of the home so you aren’t feeling too far away from the rest of the family. We’ve found that some people are even using living rooms as home offices, so finding a place you can envision yourself working in is good enough.

5. Storage space.
It can be easy to collect a lot of extra stuff, and you don’t always know what you have until you move. Storage space is always good to keep clutter in one spot instead of having it throughout the house or stuffed in the garage.

Home features are something that first-time homebuyers may not think about.

We also have a couple of honorable mentions: energy efficiency and large garages.

If you have any questions about real estate or are looking for more information, feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.



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